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Blood Storm

Blood Storm - Rhiannon Hart A storm is approaching and Zeraphina and Rodden know why. The death of the Lharmellin leader caused a disturbance in Lharmell, sparking an uproar that could not be ignored. After a string of murders are made known to them, our duo set out to discover what the Lharmellins are up to and who leads them in their quest to infiltrate and take over Amentia. While on this journey, Zeraphina and Rodden cross the lands, the deserts, and seas in search for components of a weapon that are lethal to the Lharmellins – but there is much more to this adventure. With further revelations of one another and the powers they have, can Zeraphina and Rodden calm the storm before all is too late for the Kingdom of Pergamia? But what of themselves?Rhiannon Hart has written a tempest of a sequel. More of this fantasy world is unleashed upon us; whether it’s sailing on a ship with a group of piratey-sailory-men, travelling in the desert accompanied by Jarbins, or flying on brants (giant birds), the plot keeps on rolling as incidents occur to prod Zeraphina and Rodden ever closer – ever slowly – towards their destination and ultimate goal. Seeing more of the world was a highlight of the book; we encounter different cultures and groups of people. And even learn snippets/phrases of the Jarbin language through Zeraphina. Rhiannon has provided more depth to this world however shallow some thought of Blood Song.Princess Zeraphina? HAH! Forget that title. Zeraphina is Zeraphina and no title or mother or blood is going to weigh her down, plan out her life, and make choices for her. Phina really comes into her own in Blood Storm. She accepts that she’s half-Lharmellin and harnesses the abilities she has to do good unto the world. There’s no denying that she is as vulnerable and as real as the rest of us. She clashes with her mother Renata much more in this book; this time there are realistic reasons making Phina a bit more wild and rebellious. One: Renata paints Rodden as a monster, which we learn is not true at all. Two: she’s determined to marry Zeraphina off to a Prince, whom is a f***ing ass (I wanted to grab him by the collar and give him a good ol’ beating myself, but lucky I didn’t have to because he got much worse). Three: she doesn’t accept her past wrongs and suppresses the truth, and this suppression brings about reasons one and two. The banter between this mother and daughter was ever so entertaining and I hope there is more of this in book three, Blood Queen… The rebellious teen and her authoritarian mother (whom fails at being authoritative).I’ve come to accept endings like this as I am quite used to them, so when such things happen I drop the book and applaud to no end (I did this with another book I recently read as they were similar with how the characters ended in the book – but not the plot). And that is all I will say. LIPS. ARE. ZIPPED. AND. LOCKED. Zeraphina has the keys. Fight her for them. You might get your Rodden too. *tick* Times are wasting. *tick* *tick*Blood Storm was a surprisingly brilliant lead-up to the yet-to-come end of Zeraphina and Rodden’s journey. When finished you will automatically reach for pitchforks and torches, not because you might be upset about how it ends, but because the final book must hold everything and give us an ending that will have us submitting our wrists to Phina’s mouth with intent of feeding her our blood. Rhiannon: pressure much? *snicker* Blood Storm is a sequel which will have you screaming LHARMELLINS!!!! for more.