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The Selection

The Selection - I had it rated as a one star but there was no point in giving one flimsy star after even one chapter—one chapter which I couldn’t take too seriously enough to believe that anything good will come out of it (but I figured that what I “didn’t like” was within that first chapter, bringing about the one star that equates to “I didn’t like it”). I wasn’t going to waste my time on it, and after the author’s recent/past antics there was definitely no good to come out of the book if I had continued to read on and finish it. Would there even be any good? The CW show, maybe? Let’s hope that’s a flop.My opinion is probably due to the fact that I am male and the whole concept of the book is blatantly horrible from my standpoint as a 19-year-old male. And put that with the writing that is “undercooked", sure, there was nothing for me to like despite only reading one chapter. Even I can predict how this book/series will finish just from knowing the general direction The Bachelor goes and most poorly developed dystopians.Edit 13/5: I should be a fortune-teller... didn’t I say that the CW show will flop? Oh hell yes! End Disclaimer:*Let me just put it out there: I am open to anyone and anything. But when people’s voices and words are being taken away from them, the only thing you can do is go against it and play the fight.*Okay, so after a little thought I have decided to try this book again, BUT when all books are out. I know where this first book will finish, I just know what will happen. But maybe – BUT MAYBE – books two and three will not involve this ‘The Selection’--bachelor thing, and be more original in execution and world. So I guess you’ll be waiting a while (2 years) for a second opinion, but even by then I doubt I’d be still wanting to read it.