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[STARTERS BY PRICE, LISSA]PAPERBACK - Lissa Price 3.5 starsI fought hard with myself because I wanted to give it 4 stars, but after much thinking even during as I was reading the last 40 pages or so, I thought I’d lower it down as there was much more I wanted to see and done differently throughout the book.Awesome concept with renting younger bodies—this alone was a highlight. Although people were saying there’s a lot of action in the book, it wasn’t the “a lot of action” I had expected. Meaning I love action but there wasn’t much for me to fall head over heels for. Merely just car and foot chases. With that being said, it did feel like a film though.Full review to come.Still very much intending to read the sequel Enders as I want to find out what happens next although I do have a few inklings as to who certain people are...-------------------------------------------------I’ve been hearing great things about Lissa Price’s debut Starters. Some have said that there was non-stop action/fight scenes—which I absolutely pine for—so my expectations were set high. But when I read, I didn’t see any of this “non-stop action.” All I read were a bunch of cat-and-mouse chases and running. My experience with this book may have been heavily influenced with what others have been positively saying about it. But that did not mean I didn’t enjoy Starters. The concept was a great hit! Renting out your body? Then the someone that is renting your body, plans to murder someone through it? How awesome! I was intrigued with just that. So if you like a good sci-fi/thriller/mystery book, Starters is for you.However, in terms of the world, there are quite a bit of holes that still need to be addressed and expanded on, and hopefully we see all these holes filled up in the sequel Enders (although they would have made Starters that much better). I know there are people who can ignore and create their own ‘concrete’ you could say to fill those holes to not deter them from enjoying the book, but when it’s a sci-fi/dystopian book, the world needs to be fully developed and shown to you then just leaving you to wonder what the answer to your curiosity/question is. Even though I did look past some of these things while reading, after finishing and thinking about it, I had to bring down my rating just because of it. I would’ve loved to have known more about The Spore Wars though.Then there came the chess pieces—I’m talking about characters or events—that were conveniently put there to keep the story going, yet made Callie’s journey unbelievable to the point that I lost interest a few times. The right person showed up at the right moment, something happened at the perfect moment—that sort of thing. And the relationship between Callie and Blake was unbelievable too. Too convenient. Even though it supported the ending, it was an “ending” that didn’t thrill me. Also character development was a cheap shot—one, regarding Callie’s sharpshooting ability. I thought Lissa tried to make her so much like Katniss. But Katniss practised her shooting everyday since her father’s death—Callie, well, didn’t. The ‘doing-something-to-save-your-sibling’ thing was also an influence as to that similarity to The Hunger Games.Okay I’ll just say it. Starters WAS a great book despite its flaws, and I can only hope Enders improves upon them all. I’ve only been a bit critical because I really liked the book, yet after thinking about it I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t as ‘awesome’ as I initially thought.*Also since this is a futuristic society, I’m not so sure there would be much to do with fairy-tales still making the many references to Cinderella in the book and to do with the plot a bit redundant.