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The Uprising - Lisa M. Stasse 1.5 stars.The title of this book is one of the biggest hints at how OBVIOUS and CLICHÉ it is. The Uprising looked good, I can tell you that – I generated a liking for the UK cover. After my disappointment in The Forsaken with the romance, the calculated plot, and the rigid writing, I had expected the trilogy to improve in all these aspects – but alas, it did not whatsoever! These three aspects that I disliked in The Forsaken continued to worsen, particularly the romance, which became more laughable than movable. Altogether The Uprising was a sequel with not much to love.This book cannot be a labelled as a victim of Second Book Syndrome… because the first book wasn’t any better.At the end of The Forsaken we see Alenna and Liam captured by scientists at the top end of Australia at a secret base called Destiny Station (cue laughs because this seems like a play on words with “Destination”) that are trying to bring down the UNA and their control of the wheel. Alenna is acquainted with her mother. We are introduced to a few new characters like Cass and Emma who attempt to create their own insurgence without the help of the adult scientists but fail as the adults are watching them all the time. A machine of the UNA attacks Destiny Station and everything falls into chaos. Everyone gets on submarines stolen from the Japanese and escapes to the Antarctic Arc, another safe haven in Antarctica. Liam goes with the Dr on the search for his father stuck in the Indian Ocean between the Antarctic Arc and South Africa. Alenna returns to the wheel to liberate everyone from the island and the UNA but they encounter the drones lead by the Monk (surprising since they witness the Monk die in the previous book) … and blah blah blah the book from here on out just becomes a copy of book one. Surprise!I probably didn’t even explain the plot properly… Fact: I know I didn’t, because it was really nothing interesting.I feel like a stupid test dummy.I have nothing to say about this book, except that it was disappointing.The Uprising had the same cheesy, undesirable, and contrived romance. The Uprising had the same flat characters, cardboard cutouts with no ability to connect with the reader. The Uprising had the same calculated plot restricting the characters to one choice decisions with no room for error.I’ve forgotten all that David tried to do for Alenna; I saw it all before. I’ve forgotten who took up the Monk position; it was obvious from the moment they returned back to the island. I found another female protagonist who can only survive knowing that a boy she loves is alive. Not her mother, but a boy.“For Liam, I will fight. For Liam, I will do anything.”Phrases like the aforementioned are pretty much in every chapter of The Uprising. It’s sickening, considering how much more there is to fight for. And reflecting back on The Forsaken, it’s hardly anything to believe. This “obsession” is something to ridicule, to make fun of.Why the extra half a star? Because there was still that UNA tactics and idea that I liked. For really anything else? Nada.Will I read book three? Possibly. Just so that I can close the book on a devastatingly written sham said to be “hotter than the Hunger Games”.Zzzzzz.I wouldn’t even call the above a review. Just utter disappointment.