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Passion - Lauren Kate Passion was one of those books where you either love it or hate it. I liked the direction where Lauren Kate decided to go with Luce travelling back in time through the Announcers to discover the secrets that have been kept from her. It gave us a sense of the “passion” that existed between Luce and Daniel no matter the scenario and the types of people they were in each of those times. We got an array of cultures, statuses, environments, and stories to discover and it was great. However, there was too much of it – with some being pointless – so it got a bit repetitive towards the end and you just wanted the damn book to end so you can get onto Rapture. But the last few chapters of Passion were a gamechanger. It was a surprise and I surely didn’t expect that Lucifer would somehow be involved in all of this. Every book since Fallen has given you something new to learn and Passion was no different. However, I did suspect that Bill was sabotaging all along, but as I said, I didn’t expect him to turn into Lucifer and be all “HA HA HA! Got you!” on Luce and Daniel. Passion is a tough read but you may find something in it worth your while.