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The Deathday Letter - Shaun David Hutchinson After having The Deathday Letter by Shaun David Hutchinson on my shelf since last year, I had finally gotten around to reading it. I am happy that I did read it, because it had told me a lot about myself and the so many things I need, desire or want to do before I escape this world. However, there were parts which kind of didn't interest me, as although some of what they did is what many boys/girls desire to try out before they grow too old or die, they weren't necessarily activities that I want to do or try. So half of the time I didn't connect with the characters. But with that being said, Ollie felt like a real person; a real teenage boy. The teen boy's desires were executed perfectly but like I said, not perfectly with mine. Shane and Veronica also seemed real while reading. The relationship between Ronnie (Veronica) and Ollie was weird but it worked. This is a book that puts you in deep-thought however addressing a few sexual and illegal activities. More to 3.5 stars.